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I have been involved in birth work since 2009.  I am a certified Bradley Method childbirth educator and Bradley  &  DONA  certified Doula. I trained through the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth (AAHCC) and The Simkin Center at Bastyr University. I am an active member of the Seattle area birth professionals community. I am constantly attending continuing education courses, conferences, and networking with others in the field.

Left to Right: Penny Simkin, PT  world renowned childbirth expert and DONA co-founder, Myself, and Phyllis Klaus, C.S.W., M.F.C.C. DONA Co-founder and childbirth and newborn expert

I am a non-denominational Christian and follower of Jesus. I was born and raised in Southern California and we have been here in Seattle for the last eleven years. I am a local now.  I love Seattle. It is such a beautiful city that I call home. I love all the choices we have here especially when it comes to having babies and natural childbirth! I am in the know about all things birth in our beautiful city and region.


I  am down to earth and love to laugh! When I’m not doing birth work, I enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, dancing, good real food, whiskey, and fun days with my family.


I would be honored to chat with you about your choices and about the services I offer. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

"This is 2021, you can have a car that changes colors with the sun!"


When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was surrounded by mainstream minded friends and family. No one seemed to question their options be it birth or otherwise. They didn't desire to know why and if there was something more out there. They said things like, "No, I didn't take childbirth classes! You just go to the hospital to get them out!" or "You want a natural birth huh? You know you don't get a medal for that. We'll see when you get there." or my personal favorite, "Birth is like when Henry Ford first made the car. It only came in black. There are no options!" Well, you know what!? This is 2021! You can have a car that changes colors with the sun!  The experience filled with Doulas, Bradley, Relaxation, Midwives, Nourishing Nutrition, and all things holistic is beautiful. I'd be honored to walk with you on your own amazing journey to parenthood.

I believe in natural childbirth. I believe in a women's ability to birth her baby without medication. Women are strong even if  we don't feel that way sometimes. I love serving women and families during this beautiful journey through their childbearing year. While I exclusively work with women who are desiring an umedicated birth this is YOUR birth and I am never judgmental towards your choices. I just know that you can do it. I am an ideal fit as a doula for women and couples who believe birth is  normal and are hoping to give birth naturally in a family centered way. Obviously sometimes things arise where giving birth unmedicated, vaginally, or in the way/ place we originally wanted is no longer safe, best, or desired.  I support your choices whole heartedly with no judgement. I love supporting  women in their walk as they find their own strength and confidence in their bodies.  As one amazing fellow doula said, "It's like a 3 legged stool. A healthy Mom, a healthy Baby, and a Healthy Birth are important."  As a woman  who is planning a natural birth in the vulnerable moments of labor I believe we need someone to tell us this is normal, you can do it, you ARE doing it. An expert in natural childbirth. I am humbled and honored to be that encouragement in those moments.

I myself am a mother to 6 beautiful, happy children; four boys and two girls and two babies that we lost early in their pregnancies. I have had both natural hospital and home water birth experiences.