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What is a doula?


A doula is a nonmedical support professional. As a doula, I support women and their families physically, mentally, and emotionally in the childbearing year. I provide education and support in the preparation for and process of labor and birth, breastfeeding, and early parenthood.



Why are childbirth classes important?


Childbirth classes are the road map for your journey. They are so vital in building your and your partner's confidence in your ability to have your baby in the way that you want! They eliminate the stress of endless googling topics and feeling overwhelmed by what you don't know. My Bradley Method classes walk you step by step, week by week through everything. Everything from the keys to having the strongest and healthiest pregnancy possible, to choices in labor and birth plans, to labor positions and pain management techniques, to building a strong and confident coach/partner, to real-life labor scenarios, what's normal and what to do, to all things breastfeeding and baby! We cover it all. One midwife said it's like a mini midwifery course! You are in charge of your body, birth, and birth. This is your experience. Know what all of your options are. Feel ready and excited. Sign up today!


When in pregnancy should I begin classes?


I highly recommend beginning my childbirth classes as soon after your 12th week of pregnancy as possible. This gives you enough time to optimize your health, feel supported from the start, ask questions as things come up, know all your options in prenatal care, be connected to the best local resources, get the best advice for the natural birth you are desiring, practice and feel confident in relaxation and coaching techniques, develop relationships with other couples in your class, get to know me as your instructor and support person, to not feel rushed, and just overall enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest!


I'm close to my due date is it too late to enroll in classes or book doula services?


Unless you are currently in labor, it is never too late to get the support and education you need for your birth in our beautiful city! I am available for last-minute bookings and offer 24-hour online scheduling for all services including private condensed classes. If there are no open times on there that will work before your baby is due please text me for personalized options or if need be referrals.


What is the cost of tuition?


My group Bradley Method classes are $480 for 12+ hours of in-person instruction & 12+ hours of online student center content and self-study activities to create a truly all-inclusive childbirth education. My private classes (generally taught in 3 sessions) are $535 for 6+ hours. Group classes require a $225 deposit (PayPal fees apply) to save your space in the class.  The remaining tuition is due the Thursday before the start of your first class via PayPal. You will be sent a PayPal payment request for that remaining $255 in tuition along with your class welcome letter email or if enrolling that weekend prior can pay the full tuition directly on the booking page. Private classes can be paid in full directly on the booking page (PayPal fees apply). Please use the Pay Now button at the bottom of the page. All deposits and payments are nonrefundable once paid. 



What are the classes like?


We kick our shoes off and make ourselves comfy! Classes are generally four to six couples to provide the ideal learning environment and personal attention while still providing the benefits of an interactive group. I am a fully affiliated Bradley Method instructor and follow the tried and true Bradley Academy teachings. My husband Gabriel who currently takes care of our little ones while I'm teaching (Daddy time!) is also an affiliated instructor who can be available for questions. Classes are evidence-based, modern, locally minded, and full of all you need to know to have the best experience possible. There are no dumb questions in my class. It is a safe and fun place to build your confidence.

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