Postpartum Doula Services 


 Ah the  postpartum period ! Your birth is behind you and your sweet little one is finally here!  Now what? I love serving families in postpartum care. Parenthood is so much more than just the birth. We spend so much time, money, and effort on our birth and the preparation for it that sometimes we forget about preparing for parenthood! I am very knowledgeable in the needs of a baby and a family in the hours, days, weeks, and months after birth. My goal is to help your transition to life with your new baby be a joyous and smooth one.

Enjoy your journey postpartum!


Home Consultation/
Concierge Service
Fee: $395~ 3+hours


Are you planning a hospital birth? Worried what it will be like to bring your new baby home? Unsure of your day with baby without the guidance and support of the nursing staff who have been caring for you and baby for the last 1-3 days? Then this service is for you! 


*I come to your home in pregnancy to help you make a solid plan for your early parenthood. I show you what in your home you might be missing and answer all of your questions.


*I review /solidify your personalized postpartum care plan with you. We go over what to expect and look for in these early days and weeks.


* I come to your home in the first few days after birth/shortly after coming home with baby.


*Once at your home, I help capture the moments by taking pictures and setting up your space/rooms for successful first days and week(s) at home.


*I answer your current questions and address your concerns.


*I assist you in breastfeeding at home. I offer  specific and individulized suggestions and tweaks to help you continue on the right path to a successful nursing relationship!


*And whatever else would make that transition home easier and more enjoyable from stacking some dirty dishes in the dishwasher to straightening the mess left from laboring at home.



In-Person Care
$75/hour 11pm-7am


It can be emotionally and physically draining caring for your new baby around the clock. Sometimes as parents you just need a little sleep! Babies often have their days and nights "mixed" up. I enjoy supporting parents in caring for their baby during these important nighttime hours.


*As your Overnight Doula, I hold, soothe, and comfort your baby as you sleep or show you how to get the best sleep with your baby alongside you.


* I quietly bring baby to you to nurse. I offer help with nighttime positioning for nursing and/or co-sleeping.


*I can also feed baby pumped or bottled milk for those extra sleep-deprived nights or as desired. I change diapers too!


*I help clean up your home while you sleep and I'm there for any night time questions, concerns or support.


*In the morning at the end of the shift I answer and address any issues and concerns you may have.


*We discuss what worked and what didn't. We cover what your current and future needs are and develop an action plan to make sure you are well supported and confident.

Lactation Consultations
& Postpartum Care Zoom Sessions
$250.00 per 2 hour
in-depth appointment


Life with baby leaving you confused and overwhelmed? Do you need an experienced hand or ear to support and guide you in a caring, non-judgmental, and encouraging way? Having trouble breastfeeding? Need help with baby's latch, position, or nursing techniques? I love helping families adjust to this new journey with baby or babies!

Postpartum Care Kit: $200

The ultimate collection of postpartum necessities! Everything you'll need to heal and thrive postpartum! Includes the following and much more!


*Complete supply of depends, pads, and everything to be comfortable through the Lochia (bleeding/discharge up to 6+weeks after birth)


*Postpartum bath herbs, healing witch hazel, peri bottle, sitz bath, and everything needed to soothe and heal your sore vaginal area.


*Remedies for achy  muscles and depleated energy.


*Everything needed for breast care during nursing  postpartum. From leaky breasts, to cracked nipples, to engorgement, you'll be ready!  Breastfeeding resources



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