Birthing in the midst of a pandemic.

What a time to be alive. You find yourself pregnant in the midst of a global pandemic. Your birthing classes have been cancelled or moved online only, your baby shower is cancelled, your calendar full of prenatal yoga, parenting, and breastfeeding classes is wiped clean. The glorious massages and pedicures you planned are not an option. You have fears of birthing alone or being separated from your doula, partner, or baby. You struggle with the decision of who if anyone will meet your baby soon after birth.

The disappointment and grief is compounded by the fear of a dangerous virus and the potential of you or a loved one catching it. The fear that builds inside is unprecedented. This is uncharted territory for all of us. We are living in a historical period of time. 2020 will not be soon forgotten. It is also the year that your sweet baby is born.

How can you birth in the midst of a pandemic? How can you have the beautiful experience you want? The birth you desire? How can you live with both the grief of what you are missing and the reality of what you still can have? I would be honored to help walk you through this time. I can be your steady support in this season. As your doula and childbirth educator I can help guide, instruct, listen, reflect, and support you in your journey.

What my support during the Covid-19 pandemic period looks like practically;

-Increased availability via text, phone, and email for your questions, concerns, or as a safe place to vent to a compassionate listening ear.

- A safe place of abundant positivity via our interactions and class/student center content. Fill your day with beautiful birth stories, videos, and relaxation exercises. Settle in to your desired birth preparations.

-All classes and appointments will be done online via zoom video. Zoom is a secure HIPPA compliant site for us to connect over. You will be provided the private zoom link and instructions at your scheduled appointment time.

To be under construction.

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