As your birth Doula, I support you in every turn of your labor and birth. No matter what unfolds, I remain with you as your constant. I support all kinds of births. From home birth to hospital, it's your story!

It has been such an honor and privelege to work with so many wonderful families over the years. It is a blessing to be a part of each of their journeys. Each story unique and each mother strong.


Because of Lauren’s wisdom and the way she advocated for me and my husband’s choices, we were able to choose to not go with the epidural and my son was born healthy and naturally. Lauren supported our personal choices so well and was a tremendous advocate for our birth plan in the hospital setting. She really worked well with the hospital staff as well.”

-Jackie, Bradley Class Graduate and Birth Doula Client

A Natural Hospital Birth
with a Nurse Midwife

A Birth Center Birth

 "Lauren is extremely well prepared, and was extremely dedicated to the birth process both before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. Our birth center birth was not an easy one, but Lauren was on top of it from start to finish, helping in many ways from coaching to providing food that we had forgotten, to assisting us with decision making. She was key to our ability to have a natural birth. Lauren is a wonderful, positive individual who cares a lot about her clients and is incredibly dedicated and passionate about what she does. In short, she did a wonderful job, and was a huge asset to our successful and natural birth, and we highly recommend her."

-Meggy and Michael, Bradley Class Graduates and Birth Doula Clients

A Caesarean Section

"Even though we were not able to deliver my baby naturally, Lauren was still able to be there for me in the operating room along side with my husband when I had my baby girl. She helped me through the surgery and also during postpartum. I had some challanges with nursing and Lauren again helped me out with breast feeding and bringing my baby back to birth weight. I am glad that I chose her to be my doula. She had answers and recommendations to all of my worries and any questions I had."

-Sameth, Bradley Class Graduate and Birth Doula Client

A Home Birth

" Initially, my husband and I were contemplating a home birth versus a hospital birth and with Lauren's gentle and non-judgemental guidance, we chose what felt right for us with confidence. We are so happy with the choice we made and our birth experience. Lauren also helped us find a midwife that was a perfect fit for our family and I feel so grateful for the team of care providers we had around us when my daughter was born. Lauren's doula support during my labor flowed seemlessly with my husband as my birth partner. She stepped in to offer support at just the right times and helped guide my husband and I when we felt unsure about how to handle the different stages of labor. I am confident my labor was a better experience because Lauren was a part of it.."

-Jennifer, Birth Doula Client

A Natural Hospital Birth with an OB

"Helpful, knowledgeable, and (a) great guide throughout the birth experience. She makes the natural birthing process so much less daunting and helps to keep it a wife and husband process while being very involved throughout. We were extremely pleased and grateful to have her as our Doula, so much so that we are planning to hire her for our second child when that time comes around."

-Calvin, Bradley Class Graduate "Coach" and Birth Doula Client